Why Germany is Great for Driving

There’s a certain level of curiosity which is synonymous with pretty much every kind of traveller you’ll ever come across in your life, making for a really great experience to actually meet and interact with a fellow traveller of that kind if you’re one yourself. The depths to which you can learn all manner of different perspectives on everything and anything under the sun are seemingly endless, particularly if your hunger for knowledge stems purely from a place of curiosity.

Not too long ago, while backpacking in Southeast Asia, I met a German bloke who worked for a car parts distribution and sales company and I couldn’t help but overhear his conversation with a retailer in which he was fascinated by just how many micro-filters are ordered to go to the African continent, for BMWs. In relation to the BMW motor vehicles which are in circulation in Germany, an unusual number of those in much of the rest of the world require frequent replacement of the micro-filter, which indicates that that specific part of the car gets clogged up with dust.

Naturally this sparked a follow-on discussion about the best European countries to drive in, with Germany topping the list on account of many factors of consideration favouring this European economic powerhouse of a country.

From a traveller’s perspective who enjoys the occasional road trip now and then, these lists are always subjective, even the official ones which are published by the likes of some motor insurance companies. I mean the likes of Iceland comes stone-last on the overall list, but purely from a traveller’s perspective I’d probably rank it much higher on account of the sights to see along the roads, the traffic congestion and the type of vehicle which might best suit a road trip in that country.

Based on metrics such as the quality of the roads and the extensiveness of the road network however, which I guess are some considerations which make for a more objective set of metrics, Germany justifiably tops the list. I mean just going on the micro-filter discussion alone, that’s some hard evidence to that fact, because what it means is that there’s a longer network of roads in Germany which are of a higher quality and so the BMW micro-filters don’t quite get clogged up quickly.

Purely from the perspective of a traveller again, Germany isn’t bad at all in terms of the sightseeing that would be on offer to anyone seeking to explore it by road. There are some majestically beautiful places to explore by road, some of which are even expressly classified as scenic drive routes.

Who doesn’t have clocking their car on the German Autobahns on their bucket list as well?

Perhaps the most telling evidence which justifiably makes Germany the best European country for driving is the combination of their road network infrastructure and the fact that some of the world’s best motor manufacturers have been synonymous with Germany for as long as road travel has assumed the form of motor vehicles!