Top Places in Europe to Visit

The smallest of the continents, Europe is also one of the most fascinating. With a diverse range of cultures, amazingly varied landscapes and some beautiful and iconic towns and cities, you have a vast array of choices of destinations to visit, and there are some must-see places to go.

Where are the places you really must go to if visiting Europe? Let’s have a look!


The City of Love is a place where you can get a real taste of urban France; a magnificent place with restaurants among the world’s best and some of the most iconic landmarks of all – thin the Arc de Triomphe and the stunning Eiffel Tower – this is a city where you can enjoy romantic walks along the river, and visit the amazing Notre Dame. Don’t miss taking a coffee or a glass of wine in one of the many street cafes; this really is a city where you simply have to relax and let time dictate your pace. Paris is a great city to simply take a walk and explore the different quarters, so make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy the scene.

Castles of the UK

Many people, when visiting the UK, choose London as the destination. It’s a good choice, as it is one of the world’s most vibrant and amazing cities, with some stunning landmarks and wonderful shops, bars and restaurants. But, for more varied and unique appeal, we recommend you take the time out to visit some of the astonishing castles that can be found in more remote areas of the UK. In fact, you can view more castles in the northern-most county of England – Northumberland – than anywhere else in the country, including the famous Alnwick Castle, which doubled as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. You will find stunning scenery, with many of these old fortresses in glorious seaside settings, and a warm welcome wherever you go.

Mountain Scenery

Europe is a popular place for skiing holidays, with the splendorous Alps, the mountain range that occupies the centre of the continent, providing some of the most impressive ski runs of all. These towering mountains are a sight not to be missed, and one of the defining images of Europe itself, and even if you are not skiing, are quite fantastic and instantly memorable. Take a trip to Switzerland, and you will see them in their full glory – a sight not to me missed.

The Glory of Rome

Few cities in the world can boast a history such as Rome, once the centre of a mighty and powerful empire. Remnants of those times remain in amazing historic architecture that is among the most impressive and awe-inspiring of all, and this bustling, lively city has an atmosphere like nowhere else. In short, you simply have to see Rome to believe it.

That’s just a few of the wonderful places you need to visit when in Europe, and there are many, many more. Germany, for example, has many fine cities and attractions, or you could visit the stunning coastline of Spain, or rent a camper van in Iceland and explore its volcanic landscapes. It’s up to you, but wherever you go, Europe is a continent that has endless delights to offer.