Things to do In Istanbul

Visit Istanbul – Istanbul’s most exciting centre of tourist activities is steeped in history and intrigue. Istanbul is also a prominent metropolis in Turkey that straddles Asia and Europe along the Bosphorus strait. Its Old Town reflects varied cultural influences of many empires which once ruled here, including the Roman, Turkish and Hamsa empires.

In the Sultanahmet area, the open air, Roman-style Hippodrome has been the scene of numerous chariot races and ancient Greek obelisks also remain. The iconic Byzantine Hagia Sophia also features a colossal sixteenth-century dome. This spectacular edifice was constructed in the early Fifth Century and has now been turned into a Museum. The Hagia Sophia is home to world-class collections of furniture, tapestries and mosaics.

Beaches and resorts in Istanbal are ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating. Hotels in Istanbul are generally located near the coast, so visitors can easily hop on the sea liner to get to their hotels. The beaches of Istanbal are ideal for water sports and sailing.

Food in Istanbal is traditionally Turkish with western influences. However, there are many eateries offering European food and an assortment of other nationalities. The best time to eat out in Istanbal is during the summer months as the weather is very warm. Restaurants and cafes offer a wide variety of local dishes along with international dishes such as French fries. Foreign visitors are sometimes welcome to help with the cooking.

Since tourism has been growing in popularity, the prices of real estate have risen. Some areas in Istanbal have seen an increase in housing prices but most areas remain relatively affordable. Prices are generally lower than in cities in Turkey and other parts of Europe. Since the value of real estate in Turkey continues to rise, it is possible to purchase property for a low cost – making living in Istanbal more affordable than most parts of the rest of the region.

It is possible to get around Istanbal via car, bus or train – though taxis and minibuses are the easiest ways to travel around the city. Buses and minibuses are the best means to see other parts of the city since they connect nearby destinations at low cost. Taxis and car drivers are friendly and knowledgeable about the area.

As in any tourist destination, it is important to ensure that all necessary vaccinations are up to date before leaving. The best time to get vaccinated is during the summer months when the majority of local illnesses are common. Travelers should also be aware of potential risks for travelers to take into consideration. Injuries from sporting activities are very common in Istanbal, which should be taken into consideration before participating in activities that involve physical contact with others.

While the weather may be nice enough to enjoy an outdoor meal or drink in the sun, visitors should be sure to take appropriate precautions to prevent the onset of a sunburn or sunstroke. It is not uncommon for local fisherman to have sun burns during the summer months. Drinking plenty of bottled water is recommended to avoid dehydration.