The Most Intriguing Places in Prague

Prague has several hotspots that will keep you coming back for more. From prim vineyards to high-fashion streets, romantic locations to beautiful restaurants and from operas to pop concerts- you get everything you want in the city beautiful.

It is also home to some intriguing, unique and noteworthy places that very few tourists visit. Next time you visit Prague, make sure you hit these spots and see a side of the city that is usually hidden from the world’s eyes. Here are some of those places.

Lego Museum

Who wouldn’t want to be here, especially when they are travelling with family? The Lego Museum is one of the most colorful spaces in the city and presents art forms that are made of children’s toys. If you have run short of ideas for making your next structure, come here and see what all these little bricks can do.

Dolls Land Gallery

Every serious dolls collector comes here whenever he is in Prague, but this space is also popular among children. The dolls museum shows you some of the most iconic dolls of the years gone by and some pieces that hold a little bit of history.

Museum of Communism

Even though the modern world has come far away from the nuances of communism, this ideology still manages to intrigue our minds. Created by an American businessperson who scoured every single flea shop he could find to gather communism era artifacts, this place is a must visit for those who want a history lesson.

Zizkov Television Tower

Originally designed to block western radio and television transmissions, this tower was never used as it was finished three years after the Velvet Revolution in 1992. Later, in the year 200, artist David Cerny added some faceless baby sculptures that crawl over the tower. Go to the top of this tower to get breathtaking views of the entire city.

Want more intrigue? Just keep your eyes and heart open here. There is a lot more to see and experience.