The most 3 interesting places in Prague

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like to travel. Traveling is a good opportunity for us to relax, get new ideas, fresh our mind and collect more memories maybe even create new friends. Finding the perfect location can be difficult so I would like to help you with some ideas where to go. There is bunch of beautiful places around the world but today I would like to concentrate on Europe and to be more certain it would be central Europe. The history of Europe is beautiful and interesting and the architecture is unique, especially if you are from America or other continents. I am gonna be talking about Czech Republic and the main city which is Prague.

  • Charles bridge – It is a old bridge which is built over the river called Vltava. It was build in 1352 as a replacement of an old Judith bridge which was damaged by a flood. It is connecting Old Prague and your way to get to the Prague castle, which is another amazing thing to go see. Not only that the history is beautiful, the whole atmosphere there is gonna make you happy.
  • Wenceslas square – It is one of the most two main squares in Prague and it is also very popular place for visitors, because not only that they are having amazing and old building with unique architecture spread all over the square, it is also filled with bunch of restaurants, stores and small boutiques. On the top of the square you can find another amazing statue which is statue of St. Wenceslas on a horse and also National Museum, which was renovated in 2019.
  •  Zizkov Television Tower – This is very popular tourist area in Prague. We are talking about      old radio and television transmission tower. This tower was actually never used and they just built it. In the year 2000, the whole tower went through some changes and touch ups, so they could have still keep it. This tower is built on the big hill, so if you will climb on the top of the tower (they are having special staircase, which is gonna help you get to the top) you are gonna be able to see the whole city of Prague and get an amazing view.

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