The Five Best Gambling Destinations in Europe

If you are bored of gambling online and want some live action, you should probably consider a trip to Europe. The continent has some exceptional places for casino lovers, places you can find luxury, all kinds of games and an unforgettable atmosphere.


Here are the best five gambling destinations in Europe.



There is little doubt that Monaco is one of the most thrilling casino destinations not only in Europe but the entire world. The little country is where you will find some of the most glamorous venues out there and probably leads the globe in terms of millionaires per capita.


You can find many casinos in Monaco but none of them can compete with the flashy Casino de Monte Carlo. The venue has its honorable place in modern popular culture as the setting of many movies, including multiple James Bond scenes.



Gambling is one of the cornerstones of nightlife and there’s no other destination in Europe that can compare with Amsterdam when the sun goes down. It’s only natural that there are plenty of casinos in the Dutch city.


You can enjoy all kinds of games and stakes. The variety is such that it could be a challenge to discover the most suitable option. The Holland Casino is the most popular one but the likes of Casino City and Jack’s Casino are also worth a try.



The great city of Paris has so much to offer in so many ways. Most people go there to visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower or any of the other cultural destinations in the French capital.


You could easily combine the rich history of Paris with what the casino scene has to offer. There are plenty of glamorous venues that offer roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slots, and a ton of other exciting games.


Funny enough, the famous Casino de Paris is actually a music hall, so don’t go there looking for action. The likes of Cercle Haussman, the Aviation Club de France and Cercle Central are among the best places for gambling in the city.



The United Kingdom is a country with long traditions in all kinds of gambling. You can easily see that by visiting London. The city is known for its mesmerizing casinos such as the Hippodrome Casino, Empire Casino, the Genting Casinos and more.


You can enjoy all sorts of games but make sure to prepare beforehand. Some of London’s finest casinos have a strict dress code. If that’s an issue for you, there are more than enough gambling venues that don’t, so you will certainly find a lot of options.



The competition for the last place on the list of the top casino destinations in Europe was fierce but Baden-Baden certainly deserves a place. The small German town is located near the border with France and features some of the most luxurious spa and casino centers in the world.


You can play many classic casino games with high stakes but also relax or visit some of the ancient castles nearby. Baden-Baden certainly offers the complete experience for anyone who likes glamour and gambling.