The 4 MUST-SEE Attractions in Swindon you need to visit

Swindon has been growing as a town since the industrial revolution began in 1810, when the Wilts and Berks Canal was built, providing the tiny market town with several new trade choices. Because the city is growing fast, many businesses and industries are starting to make their way to the glorious city, there are rumours that the city will be getting a casino right in the centre of town. This will bring more joy and happiness as gamblers can try and land the jackpot prize, however, with these physical casinos unavailable now, you can still test your luck on these online casinos just like these.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing throughout the world, tourist attractions and entertainment cities like Swindon can go back to its natural roots and begin bringing joy to life once again. Within this article, we look at the best things you can do in terms of entertaining you and the family.

STEAM’S Museum of the Great Western Railway – As you go through STEAM’s story-telling displays, get up close to majestic locomotives, try out the interactive GWR Signal Box, and operate the steam train simulator!

STEAM tells the tale of the men and women who built, operated, and travelled on the Great Western Railway, a network that was recognised as the most advanced in the world because to Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s pioneering vision and genius. Our museum is in the heart of the former Swindon railway works, in a beautifully restored Grade II railway building.

Lydiard Park – Lydiard Park, with its Palladian House, Church, and Walled Garden, is a lovely ancient estate on the western outskirts of Swindon, nestled in 260 acres of parkland. Lydiard Park is an excellent place for a family day out because of its children’s play area, Cafe & Tea Rooms, events, and education programmes.

Wyvern Theatre – There are 635 seats in the auditorium, each of which is supposed to be no more than 70 feet from the stage. Concerts, comedy, dance, drama, musical theatre, and local amateur plays are all part of the venue’s diverse programming. The Wyvern Theatre employs a dynamic crew of 30 people, including 30 front-of-house employees.

And lastly…

The Museum of Computing – The History of Computing and Digital Development is the focus of the Museum of Computing. It was the first physical museum dedicated to the history of computing in the United Kingdom.