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Taking Your Dog on Holiday? Look for a Serviced Apartment - Visit To Europe

Taking Your Dog on Holiday? Look for a Serviced Apartment

It just doesn’t feel like a holiday without your four-legged friend! That’s why plenty of families who holiday within the UK choose to bring their dogs along with them. Of course, that does mean taking a few more things into consideration, and you’ll need to be particularly careful about the type of accommodation you choose. In most cases, a hotel will not be ideal – here are just a few reasons why you should look for a serviced apartment instead.

Dogs Allowed!

Most hotels don’t allow dogs, and it’s pretty easy to see why. With so many people staying each night, the chances are good that a couple of guests will either dislike dogs or have strong allergic reactions to their dander. Allowing dogs would mean disrupting other guests. Serviced apartments are different because your pooch won’t interact with many people. If you’re struggling to find a dog-friendly hotel, maybe you should be looking for dog-friendly serviced apartments instead.

No Scary Crowds

People often fail to consider how their dog will feel about staying somewhere new. It’s understandable – dogs are usually happy as long as they are with their human pack. However, even the most confident dog can get a little uncomfortable if they find themselves in an entirely new place, and hotels are particularly stressful because they are full of unknown people and unknown smells. Serviced apartments are also new, but your dog won’t be subject to lots of scary crowds.

Easier to Stay In

If you’re going to bring your dog on holiday, you’re going to be spending more time in your room. After all, it isn’t fair to leave the dog alone while you go out at night to explore the local bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, most hotel rooms only contain a couple of double beds and a TV. There will be no space for the dog to run around, and there won’t be much room to socialize as a family when you need to stay back to provide company.