Take a Holiday in Dorset and Stay in a Holiday Park

If you are looking for a relaxing family holiday that allows you to see some beautiful and romantic scenery then a Travel Dorset Holiday Trip is perfect for you. Situated in the north west of England between Scotland and England is Dorset’s largest city Wiltshire. It has a rich history and is full of historical buildings and monuments. There are lots of exciting things to do in the town such as exploring the many attractions, including Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and St. Peter’s Cathedral. This place is a must visit for any tourists visiting Dorset.

Another great attraction in the area is “Dorrigo Caves”. The caves are located just above the town and are actually a mile deep. These are said to be England’s deepest and oldest underground caves. There is a great deal to do in the caves, ranging from cave diving to cave painting to simply walking in and out of the caverns. The whole experience is said to be one of absolute beauty.

Once you have explored all the attractions in and around the town there are still plenty of exciting and popular locations to explore when taking a Holiday in Dorset. Visiting the “Wick steed Museum and Art Gallery” in Dorset will give you an idea of what the town was like in the past. Many tourists who visit Dorset fall in love with the town and purchase a holiday home here to stay for their lifetime.

A wonderful place to stay in Dorset is “Dove Cottage”. It is nestled on a cliff side next to the River Irwell. This is a perfect holiday home for anyone wanting a quiet retreat away from the busy world. The cottage has all the facilities you would expect from a holiday cottage, with a large swimming pool, built-in fridge, and even a play area for the kids.

If you are staying somewhere different in Dorset then “Harrowdown Station” is a great place to visit. Here you can go underground to experience the sights and sounds of the town below. The station can be reached by a short walk from your holiday park. Take in the old world charm of “Harrowdown Street” before visiting the famous Watermill in Dove Cottage. This natural water stream gives locals the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing walks and experience the fresh mountain air.

There are many more great attractions within the towns of Dorset and surrounding areas. Taking a Travel Dorset Holiday will allow you to make the most of your trip by giving you something memorable to take back with you. You will be able to relax and feel happy in the knowledge that your next holiday park or village is only a stone’s throw away.