Once You Go Premium, You’ll Never Go Back-packer

The smartest travellers are fully up-to-speed with the fact that merely spending more on some or other aspect of a trip doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a premium product or service. That’s why you’d be surprised to learn that the fellow backpacker you’re sharing an 18-bed dormitory room with, somewhere in S.E. Asia, might have flown in on business class!

Premium or luxury travel is not about being ostentatious and it’s certainly not about trying to make yourself feel better about yourself by talking down to the likes of the cleaning staff at your place of accommodation.

What premium travel is all about is merely enjoying the finer elements of life, which naturally means you’re willing to spend a little bit more for that luxury. Your sensibility-hat needs to be thrown into the washer, but just for a little bit, since you’ll go crazy if you try to equate your expenditure to some kind of financially measurable value.

Premium travel is all about being able to order pizza for everyone who is momentarily sharing that 18-bed dormitory you find yourself in, because you’d otherwise not get to meet fellow travellers from all corners of the world had you elected to stay in a five star hotel instead…

So as much as the title of this post has us suggesting that a backpacker and a premium traveller are on opposite sides of the same coin, at the best of times you could never tell the difference merely by considering the accommodation class choice in this way.

So since going premium by way of one’s travels is suggested to be a state of mind, you should not short-change yourself in any way. Go premium. Start thinking like a premium traveller and carrying yourself like one and the luxurious elements will start to seep into your travel endeavours…

This is how you learn about how you make something such as flying on a private jet with a company like Jettly possible when it comes to completing an idea from your bucket list. If you’re not that guy, merely exploring a new environment together with someone who turns out to be an undercover luxury traveller gives you the power to make suggestions such as asking them to allocate you a seat on the jet they subsequently agree to charter, given the fact that something like a Moscow private jet charter is well within their financial reach. The maths adds up to some great financial sense being exercised when the numbers are crunched. A commercial first-class flight among 13 people can easily add up to the amount of money required to charter a private plane…

If you successfully manage to make the leap into the frame of mind of a premium traveller, you’ll realise that it might have just been matter of changing the way you think about travel and the way you approach it. Imagine yourself pitching up to a highly-ranked hotel, for instance and asking about the cheapest room they have available. Doing something like that might land you a free upgrade to a “better” room, for the price that you indicated you’re willing to pay.

This sort of thing only happens for those who take a chance to see what they can try and get away with!