Obscured by Clouds: 6 Airplane Essentials that Make Flights More Enjoyable

If you’re used to flying first class, this article won’t help you too much. However, if you’re one of us who don’t enjoy it that much, you’ll have to settle for a flying coach. The entire flight, however, can easily be made more pleasurable. Even if you’re on the frequent fliers list, you might find some of the following outlined points surprisingly helpful.

1.    Travel pillow

Economy seats are everything but comfortable and, regardless of whether you’re going on a short- or long-haul flight, you’ll want to grab some shuteye, or at least feel comfortable in your seat. Travel pillows are something you should always bring with you. Get the inflatable ones, given that they take up almost no room whatsoever when packed and can be inflated in no time.

2.    Travel blanket

Flights tend to get cold, especially when it comes to long hauls and, unless you’re traveling first class, you should avoid the stock airplane blankets like the plague – even the ones in plastic bags have likely been merely refolded for reuse. Bring along a travel blanket on your person – even the thinnest ones can make a lot of difference if you’re cold, even more so if you’re dressed lightly.

3.    Spare set of clothes

Have you ever been spilt or puked on in-flight? Well, it’s a very nasty experience and if you’ve been lucky enough so far, you don’t want anything similar happening to you. Just in case something like this does happen, your carry-on should contain a complete spare set of clothes. This will give you multiple benefits in addition to having something to change into while on board a plane. Should your luggage end up being delayed at your destination, you’ll have one set of clothes to change into. Additionally, if you’ve forgotten your travel blanket or pillow at home, clothes can be used as a replacement.

4.    Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones

There is nothing more annoying than too much noise in a place from where you cannot get out of whenever you want to. Airplanes have a tendency of making people anxious, merely owing to the fact that they’re trapped in a metal box with a whole bunch of people, without the option of getting out.
If something can make this experience flow smoothly, it’s sleeping it off.However, you can’t really sleep in the first place if there is a lot of noise clutter. Earplugs will definitely help you with falling asleep, so you shouldn’t leave without ones. Well, unless you get yourself a set of comfortable, quality noise cancelling headphones, as nothing will help you relax as listening to music, or an audiobook. In addition, if you can’t sleep, headphones will help you escape the current reality and immerse yourself into a movie easier. Don’t forget to have your laptop by your side, though!

5.    Portable charger

Power-banks are must-haves whenever you leave home, let alone when traveling. A high-capacity portable charger will be able to charge multiple devices. Never leave your home without one!

6.    Medications

Those who take prescribed medications regularly should always make sure that they have every pharmaceutical necessity neatly packed in their carry-ons. This is important not only during the flight, but also in case of luggage delay – getting prescriptions filled is hard and time-consuming when travelling around your home country, let alone when flying to a different continent! In fact, some medications cannot be prescribed outside one’s own country, especially if they fall under the category of “controlled substances,”which usually make up the majority of pharmaceuticals that are important for treatment for certain illnesses.

When it comes to non-prescriptions, these should be by your side at all times during your trip – we’re talking anti-nausea pills and pain-killers.

Remember to follow these guidelines next time you plan to travel by plane, and don’t let some tiny inconveniences hinder you from fully enjoying the flying experience. So, pack your travel essentials and get ready to book the most memorable flight!