Las Vegas VS Monte Carlo

Do you jet off to the south of France and the small principality that’s long stood as the European destination of choice for gambling or do you take a trip to Nevada and stop by Sin City to see if you can hit it big like so many who’ve gone before you? Assuming you’re not content to stay at home and play some games online at Paddy Power Casino, your best bet for a gambling good time is to jet off to one of these two bad boys (unless you want to go to Macau or something) and have yourself a great old time. Only which one do you choose? Out of these two powerhouse cities, which one is the best choice if you’re looking to have a holiday full of glamour, good times and gambling? Well, if you’re not sure, worry not! We’ve put together this handy infographic that gives you a breakdown of what each city has going for it and leads into which is the winner! Obviously, you might disagree, but have a look and see which you think is the best!