If Natural Wonders are Top of Your Travel Agenda, South Africa is the Place to Head

You’ve heard about the wonders that await you in South Africa but you’ve yet to book a trip. You need more details. Read why South Africa is the place full of natural wonders and the destination you’re headed next.

 Kruger National Park

Located in northeastern South Africa, it’s one of the world’s largest wildlife reserves. See the big five: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffaloes. If that’s not enough exotic wildlife, there’s vultures, eagles, and storks too.

Table Mountain

Rightfully called “table,” the top of the mountain is flat and overlooks Cape Town. Use the cable car system or hike your way up to the top. It’s 1,000 feet up, yet the landscape is unlike other rocky mountains. You’ll encounter a great amount of flora and fauna on your journey. This is one place you need to see before checking-out of the Marriott Durban Edward.

Lions Head

This is a nice hike that is gentle for most. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the top and that’s with stopping for pictures. It’s a go-to spot for sunsets, picnics with friends and family, and an alternative if Tabletop seems crowded or impractical to hike due to weather.

Cape Peninsula

The rocky peninsula makes its way out to the Atlantic. Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope are at the southern extremity. The peninsula was once an island (dating back 1.5 million years ago). The oldest rocks in the area rest at the bottom of the peninsula that is surrounded by “protected” waters.

Cape Winelands

The Winelands are in the Boland region, which is under the canopy of the Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and cool yet you’ll see snow on the peaks in the months of August and September. Choose between several routes but you can’t go wrong when it comes to serene landscapes and unforgettable views.


This fishing town is on the Western Cape of South Africa. It’s a great place to spot a whale yet it’s equally as easy to spot a great white, befitting since it’s called the ‘great white capital of the world,’ Geyser Rock is a tiny island that features tens of thousands of seals off its coast. Once a small fishing village, Gansbaai draws a lot of modern income from tourism.

Robben Island

You may never see a place inhabited by more rabbits. More than 25,000 hop around on the island. The island is also a refuge for over 130 species of birds, some endangered. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999.

Apartheid Museum

The museum offers a chance to teach kids about inequality and the persistence of the human spirit. New exhibits cycle through so check the museum website for updates.

Cango Caves

The caves are like something out of this world and realm of experience for most who never make the trip. Take a tour throughout a vast maze of underground rock formations. The limestone ceilings feature stalactites making way downward in a gravity-defying fashion. Like a museum of natural beauty, you don’t want to spend too much time in one place. There’s too much to see!