Hot and Affordable Locales Where Your Money Goes Far

Going on holiday to a new and exotic destination isn’t always possible. Whether it be work and family obligations or financial constraints, all too many people feel as if they cannot find the time or money to take a much-deserved trip.

For those who peruse holiday locations in more traditional and popular locales, this may be very true. Fortunately, travelers who are willing to get out of the box and book their holiday somewhere off the beaten path can at least eliminate the money issue from being a problem.

If you’re ready to travel but don’t have much to spend, then you’ll want to keep reading and find out about some exciting and affordable destinations where you’ll get much more holiday for your money.


The largest country in the world, China continues to grow and expand. It also is increasingly providing holiday amenities for foreign tourists who want to get away and enjoy new cultures, climates, and conversations.

As CMC Markets reported late last year, China’s rapidly growing economy has taken a recent downturn. While the overall health of the economy is still sound compared to many Western countries, the sudden reduction of strong economic growth has helped fuel conditions that ensure your money buys more than in previous years.

Whether you want to plunge into the urban mazes of Beijing or Shanghai or explore the rural and mountainous interior of the country, now is the perfect time to visit.


Another hot Asian entry on our list, many holiday travelers have discovered the beauty and magic of Thailand. It is here that your holiday budget can be stretched more than in arguably any other desirable country to visit.

From its gorgeous islands and beautiful beaches to sprawling jungles and intense nightlife, this locale in Southeast Asia has plenty to offer every type of traveler. Many people from all over the world have moved to Thailand and live comfortably on as little as ‎£500 per month.

As such, the destination is very popular with internet business owners and entrepreneurs who can work from the comfort of their spacious and affordable Thai abodes.


One of the hottest travel destinations in 2017, the nation of Uruguay usually doesn’t get much attention. However, its affordable lifestyle and great value for travelers has made it a top target for those seeking a frugal holiday.

Small but packed with plenty of culture and enjoyment, Uruguay is known for some of the best steaks and beef in the entire world. In addition to that, you’ll find plenty of outdoor opportunities in the nation – from sunny, beautiful beaches to hiking excursions in the mountains, everything you can imagine can be found here (and for a good price).


Peru is a very inexpensive destination to visit depending on what you plan to do.  If you choose to stay in a hostel, you can sleep for as little as $10 per night, taxis will only cost you a couple of bucks for a journey, and the buses are mostly free if you can work out how to navigate them.

As this article from shows, there are tons of different attractions to visit in the country.  Visiting places like Machu Picchu will cost more than you’d expect, though, so do your research before you travel, so that you can ensure you budget enough money for everything you want to see.

With something to offer everybody, these four exotic and affordable locales should all be considered if you’re wanting to plan a bargain holiday. For those willing to travel outside of the global tourist traps, a variety of excellent and low-cost destinations await the adventurous.