Holidays in Sweden

Have you ever been on a holiday in Sweden? If so, then you have probably experienced one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. Sweden is a Scandinavian country with thousands of inland lakes and coastal islands, and wide transitional continental mountains and glaciers. Its main cities, Gothenburg and Stockholm, are coastal.

Stockholm is set on many large islands. The most famous ones are Djurgarden and Magolia, which face the Baltic Sea. Stockholm experiences numerous public holidays each year, including many national holidays, and numerous private ones as well. During these months you will find nearly everything to do and see in Sweden.

There are several important holidays in Sweden that you should be aware of. All these are important national holidays in Sweden and they can make your trip much more enjoyable. They include Skogkatt, which are the national day of celebration for neutrality, decency, and peace; the first Sunday in February; Saint Peter’s Day, which is a religious holiday on which all the churches are closed in Sweden; and of course, the Winter Festival, which takes place in mid-November and is a time for skiing, paragliding, snowmobiling, and other adventurous winter sports.

A few days before each of these important national days, you will also observe one more holiday. These are referred to as “Flag Days”. A flag day is considered an important holiday in Sweden. On this day, the Swedish Flag is displayed at half-staff, on top of the government building, at the railway station, at the train station, and at all other public buildings that are located on at least 1 km of public property. In addition to the flag day, all churches in Sweden observe All Saints’ Day, which is on the sixth Sunday of June.

Holidays in Sweden are renowned for their summer solstice celebrations. The summer solstice is the oldest and most widely celebrated holiday in Scandinavia. During this time, most of Scandinavia gets in the mood for celebrating, and this is especially true for Stockholm, which is Sweden’s capital city. Many tourists from all over the world come to Stockholm during the summer solstice in order to enjoy all of the exciting events and sights that take place during this popular holiday. In addition to enjoying the traditional Swedish foods and drink, there is also a very large number of visitors who choose to watch an assortment of theatrical performances, musical plays, and street brawls.

The above holidays in Sweden provide an excellent opportunity for you to visit this beautiful country. If you are planning to travel to Sweden in the near future, you will want to book your holiday plans as far in advance as possible. The cost of flights to Sweden are very low, but the prices increase dramatically if you book your accommodation arrangements as well. In order to save money on your holiday in Sweden, plan your trip for the year instead of waiting until just before the start of the holiday season.