Holidays in Germany

Are you interested in seeing Germany? Do you want to experience the excitement and drama of visiting this historic country during your holidays in Europe? Germany is indeed a Western European country rich with a rich landscape of rivers, mountains, forests and beautiful North Sea coastline. It has more than 2 millennia of recorded history. Berlin, its largest city, is home to major art and nightlife scenes as well as the Brandenburg Gate, the former palace of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest celebrations, featuring mulled wine, traditional Bavarian foods and music. Frankfurt has some of the most exciting nightlife and bars, including Schlossgarten, which is renowned for hosting thousands of visitors every year. Frankfurt offers an unforgettable German experience which includes the traditional nightlife, shopping and dining opportunities. In summer, you can visit ‘Hauptwache’ in Frankfurt and experience the real German ambiance. In addition, there are a number of exciting festivals and national holidays throughout the year. One of the most popular of these is the Christmas in Germany, which is celebrated with great pomp and pageantry.

Many people visit Germany in the summer months. There are several popular public holidays that are held in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Deutschland, Mecklenburg-western Germany and Saxony. Each state has its own religious traditions and customs and on these occasions, people wear clothes that are unique to that state. Christmas in Germany is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy on the first Sunday of Advent. In many parts of Germany, Christmas is a public holiday with shops and restaurants having special rates on their purchases throughout the day.

There are many traditional ways to celebrate the Christmas holiday in Germany. The first thing that comes to most peoples minds is the traditional Christmas tree. During the Christmas season, every house is decorated with lights and ornaments. The Christmas tree in Germany is decorated around the year and on the first Sunday of Advent, the whole city takes part in the festivities. There are parades in many cities, where the red and green colors of the national flag are worn by the participants. In some towns and cities, Christmas parades are made up of actual carolers and dancers.

The most important holiday day in Germany is, of course, Christmas. On this day, people go out to buy decorations and presents. All churches and museums in Germany are decorated with festivity and with the Christmas music. In many rural areas, a large number of homes have special lightings in their windows on thursdays and on feasts. In the cities, special events are arranged as well.

Some other well-known festivals are, of course, Austria’s national day. This is also the birthday of Emperor Maxim, who is very closely associated with the origins of Austria and its history. On this day, Austria hosts a large celebration in the city of Vienna. A parade of hundreds of horses goes down the street and hundreds of people dressed as horses take to the streets. This parade is called Zauchensee, and all eyes are upon it.

One of the more interesting traditions in Austria is, of course, Oktoberfest, which falls on the second weekend in September. It is a festival of German beer and is thought of as one of the biggest events in Austria. On the last Friday of October, visitors can visit the Beer Hall, where authentic German beers are served for bargain prices. The entire festival is dedicated to the rich German culture. The last Friday of September is also known as Octobterfahrt, which is the day after Oktoberfest.

Germany has a few other very important dates. Of course, it is always Germany’s turn at celebrating its national holidays: nachrichten, meinung, and ohshog in October; feststellten, meinung, and so forth. Other important dates include, besides the aforementioned major public holidays, are the start of Lent (also known as All Souls Day) and Weltkreise, which occurs in mid-November. All of these festivities make for excellent Germany holiday experiences.