Five Tips For Travelling On A Budget In Switzerland

With all its breathtaking sceneries, once-in-a-lifetime journeys and majestic alpine views, Switzerland is one of the most popular places among the travellers from all over the world. However, the country is quite expensive to travel. Going for a vacation in this country becomes a distant dream for many people for this reason.However, one simply cannot give up the idea of visiting the beautiful alpine country with his or her loved one, cosy up in a chalet in Switzerland and enjoy the scenic wonders that this country has in store. If you are one of those people who has been postponing their Swiss trip due to the budget, then afraid not. There are a lot of ways you can save up a bunch of expenses while you’re here, and here are five money saving tips for those who are travelling to Switzerland on a budget.

Eat a Swiss Durum and go veggie

Food in Switzerland can be really expensive, especially non-vegetarian food. The only meat item you’ll find at a relatively cheaper price is the Durum, a Swiss wrap that is usually filled with typical doner kebab ingredients. And if you are someone who can live through your Swiss vacation relying solely on vegetables, then just go vegetarian. Vegetables and vegetarian dishes are relatively cheaper in price, and you can save quite a lot in terms of food costs like this.

Do not buy packaged water

You really do not need to buy packaged drinking water while you are in Switzerland. A bottle of packaged drinking water cost about 1.15 Fr. which you can easily save by carrying a refillable bottle with you. Switzerland has a lot of water fountains, the water coming out from which are completely safe to drink. You can easily find a fountain almost anywhere in Switzerland to fill up on drinkable water. And do not worry about the quality of the water, as there will be clear warning signs if the water is not drinkable.

 Travel by trains

Travelling by trains is a great way to travel through Switzerland. The fast trains in Switzerland are priced quite high. Take the slow trains instead as the slower regional trains are a bit cheaper than the fast trains. These slow trains generally use more scenic routes, so you can have a better sightseeing experience for free! However, the best way to save up some money in terms of train fare is by using the SBB app or the website. They offer quite a lot of discounts on the train tickets, so you can get as much as 50% off on fares. You can also get travel cards/passes for a cheaper deal if you are travelling for many days.

 Avoid the museums

The true beauty of this beautiful European country lies in its nature and landscapes, and most of the mare generally free. So you won’t have to worry about spending entrance fees to the attractions in Switzerland, except the museums. Museums do charge you an amount of entrance cost. So if you’re not that into history, then avoid visiting the Swiss museums.

Hike up and use cable cars to get down

There are a lot of viewpoints and summits in Switzerland from where you can see some gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding areas. The magnificent vistas which you can see from these points demand a visit to at least one of these points. However, the hike to these viewpoints can be pretty strenuous and there is the option of taking cable cars to the top and back down. However, if you’re short on money, just hike to the viewpoint by foot, and then get a ticket to get down by the cable car. This way you can save half of the cost and half of your time and energy. However never take the cable car up and then get down by foot, as the long walk downhill will not be good for your knees.