In much the same way as architecture is about creating a beautiful space for people to occupy, this website is designed to build an online gathering place for all those seeking advice on traveling to Europe as well as on the best of European architecture. In my approach to this website, I have had much the same mindset as whenever I design a building and aim to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment for all those who will linger in that space.

All of the sections of the website and blog in some way represent a room for website visitors, a spot to spend a little time and avail of all that is on offer. So far, many thousand readers have enjoyed the information provided and many have come bearing gifts of expertise and knowledge.

Europe may be small in size, but its diversity is second-to-none and there will forever be hidden gems and new places to discover. Equally, there will always be those seeking information about visiting Europe, where to go and how best to spend a holiday on this amazing continent. I call upon both to get in touch with me and you may do so by completing the form below.

Since the beginning, lots of individuals, groups and businesses have contacted me and here are some of the reasons you should too:

  • Travel Advice: Asking someone who’s been there can save you a lot of time and money and I will gladly help you plan your trip to Europe. I can advise you on visa requirements, how to get there, transport within Europe, sights, places to stay and eat, business travel in Europe and all the other aspects you may have questions on.
  • Travel Tips and Hidden Gems: If you live in an undiscovered European beauty spot, would like to put it on the map and see it promoted as a top destination, please get in touch, we might even come to see you and we will certainly inform our many thousand readers about it. I also much value the knowledge provided by seasoned Europe experts and gladly share it on my site.
  • Tourism to Europe Promoters: Those involved in promoting Europe or a particular country as a tourist destination should also contact me and we can explore the possibility of working together.
  • Hoteliers and Restaurateurs: Owners or managers of hotels, guest houses, restaurants or cafes who would like a mention on my website or possibly have their business reviewed on this site ought also contact me. There are lot of ways in which we could promote your business and help you to grow your clientele.
  • Custodians of Architectural Sites: If you are in charge of a castle, historically valuable building or other important architectural site, please let me know. I may not be aware of your gem and value any such information. Please provide pictures and a brief history if you may.
  • Architects: On my travels through Europe I have met many great architects and am always keen to learn about the work of others. Collaboration is always a possibility, please do contact me.
  • Wannabe Clients: If you love traveling and have stumbled upon this website and just happen to require architectural services, please get in touch. We love working with people from all over Europe and endeavor to provide top architectural services on a Europe-wide basis.

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