Best Countries in Europe for Food and Wine

Europe is comprised of a whole host of amazing countries with various cultures, cuisines and cosmopolitans, so it is not surprise that the continent welcomes millions of visitors from elsewhere across the globe every single year. Now, it would be hard to meet an individual that either doesn’t love food or doesn’t love wine, so we’re going to supply you with some of the best locations where you can experience some terrific delicacies and some fine tasting wines. Yes, the other continents around the world boast of some delicious delicacies, but Europe is saturated with some of the best due to the amount of countries within the continent.

Getting around Europe to access the great food and wine can be incredibly daunting at first, which is why it is recommended to arrange a form of travel. The easiest way would be to hire a car, as it will enable you to travel to any place at any time on your own terms; when you’re focusing on tasting wonderful food and sipping on premium wine, you don’t want to have to worry about methods of travel, so visit and make your trips simple. You’ll be able to conveniently navigate your way around each country, but of course the way you travel is entirely up to you.

So, here are some of the best destinations in Europe for food and wine…


France is renowned all over the world for its production of high quality wines; if you want to taste beautiful wines from where theyoriginate from, head to the most famous regions, which are Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. Now of course, Champagne, as the name suggests, is most known for a more superior form of grapes, whereas Bordeaux produces some excellent reds that can mature for 20-30 years and Burgundy creates chardonnay based whites and pinot noir reds, both of which are extremely flavoursome.


Italy is home to some incredibly tasty cuisines, many of which are favourite dishes around the whole world. From main meals to desserts, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the vibrant country of Italy across cities such as Bologna, Rome and Sicily; if you possess a sweet tooth you may want to divulge in some Tiramisu, or if you want something more substantial you might to order a traditional Italian pizza or an authentic, homemade pasta dish.


You may well associate Spain with some gorgeous foods, such as paella and churros, but their wine regions produce some world class beverages. The Catalonia region is well-respected for its wineries and vineyards, and the Mediterranean climate provides many advantages when it comes to nurturing the grapes. So, the area you’ll want to head to is Penedes, which is the accepted core of the Spanish sparkling wine known as Cava. 


If you desire and crave some heart-warming food, England can supply you with exactly that. From counties such as Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands, you’ll be able to tuck into some dishes such as a full English breakfast, fish and chips, faggots and Yorkshire puddings; these dishes are widely available throughout the nation though.