All hotels are not just hotels

Traveling has always been a part of me. I have over the years, tried to visit several countries and cities across the world as it is a form of hobby for me. After a lot of planning and procrastination, I finally decided to take my first trip to Asia. I had to choose between Vietnam, Thailand, and China and finally settled for Thailand. There were so many things to do and learn that I am hoping to visit the country again sometime in the future. However, this article will be limited to my experience with Onyx hospitality.

When I settled for Thailand, as usual with trips to other countries, I started to check for the airline I would use to travel to the country, things I would do in the country and where I will stay. I came across some good hotel options. However, after visiting their websites, reading reviews and comparing several factors including the fact they have hotels in Vietnam and China that I hope to visit too, I decided to use them. I planned that if their services were satisfactory, then I would not have to bother about hotels anymore when I have to visit any other Asian country where the hotel had a branch.

After making up my mind to patronize the Onyx hotel, I proceeded to their website to make a reservation. The whole process was easy and fast. Within a few minutes, my reservation had been concluded and payment made. With that, I believed I had taken care of accommodation and then started to take care of other things that I would need for the journey.

It was after I was already on a flight it occurred to me that I didn’t even check how easy it would be to locate the hotel when I got to the country. However, when I had lodged in big hotels in cities, all I had to do was mention the name of the hotel and the cab drivers often knew the place. I hoped it would be the same as Onyx and then I relaxed again.

After alighting from the plane, I got a cab and told them the name of the hotel. I was glad when he mentioned that he knew the place and we would be there in a few minutes. I was glad it wouldn’t take hours to get there. Within 30 minutes, we were already at the Onyx residential. The first thing I observed about the environment was how spacious, neat and beautiful it was. I hoped the inside would look just the same way, I paid the taxi and then went into the hotel.

After giving my details, within a few minutes, I was shown to my beautiful and luxurious room. The features in the room were very great for the price I paid and I loved it. The space in the room was well utilized, the mattress was great and the facility was very clean.

I made a call to the restaurant and was glad to know they had both local dishes and continental dishes. I was sure if I didn’t love the local dishes, I could always opt for the continental dishes. However, the local dishes were great and I never had to order for any continental dish till I went back as I wanted to enjoy the local dishes as much as possible.

Overall my experience with the hotel was great as the beds were comfortable and the employees were helpful. Next time I am going to Asia, the first thing I am checking is if the country has an Onyx hotel and if it does, then my accommodation is settled.