I used to collect glossy holiday brochures when I was a kid, cut out pretty pictures of hot and sunny beaches, lush palm trees and southern cities, which may seem rather silly, however, in my defense, it just never gets hot in Denmark, 17℃ is about as much as you can hope for. I was proud when I got my first bit of sunburn, it allowed me to imagine once again what it would be like to travel south, because that’s where I have always longed to go.

As much as you love snow and cold winter days of skiing, skating and sledding, when you are a kid from a northern country, you always want to head south, soak up the sun and sit in the hot sand. Well, I did anyway and though I never intended to live anywhere but Denmark, countries like Italy, Spain and Greece have forever exerted a magnetic power over me, and I have longed for the warm and sunny shores of Europe all my life.

Denmark is renowned for its exorbitantly high cost of living and getting out of there for a nice holiday does not come cheap either, we just couldn’t do it. The only option left was to dream about traveling, devour travel books and vow to spend the very first paycheck on a trip of a lifetime, and that’s pretty much what I did.

During those many hours of reading about Italy, Greece, Spain and other sunny European destinations, I realised that there was much more to these gorgeous countries than sun, sand and sangria. Cities like Siena, Florence, Madrid and Athens were packed with stunning architecture and I believe that I chose a career in architecture, because I was so taken with the aesthetics, design and genius of all those many historic buildings.

At architectural college, I met William, my now business partner and he too loved travel, which led us both to plan that we would jointly spread our wings and not only build up our firm in Denmark but also find clients all over Europe, particularly southern Europe, may I add.

We have both been very focused and quite ambitious and our small architectural company soon found a strong customer base at home and all over Europe. The fact that I can now combine both my passions, the love of architecture and design as well as my travel bug, astound me every day and I wouldn’t want it any other way. William and I work very well together, he tends to be strong in areas where I may struggle and I excel where he stumbles. Though we take our work extremely seriously and strive to provide top class architectural services, we always make time for fun and we both just relish traveling for work. Often, we travel together to visit clients and we make sure to give ourselves plenty of time to see the best sights and take in the local architecture. Traveling broadens one’s mind immensely and whenever I see some brilliant architecture, I am inspired to work even harder.

We soon started documenting our business trips and taking lots of photographs which led us to creating this website and blog. Travel blogs have largely replaced travel books and to me blogging about our trips has been second nature. I must be drawing on the many hours I spent reading travel books, I enjoy the process and words flow easily. The website is a medley of travel tips and information, architectural content and just light-hearted entertainment.

The site has enjoyed a great response both from travel enthusiasts as well as architecture and design circles and creating and maintaining the website and blog have been very enjoyable. I like to reach out to family and friends as well as colleagues and clients and always keep them up-to-date with our latest travel adventures.

Through the website we have broadened our client base and connected with many fellow travel bloggers as well as just individuals who love traveling as much as we do.

Ultimately, my aim is to open my readers’ eyes to the beauty of Europe and European architecture, to entertain, inform, educate and share my love of both.