A Road Trip in Italy from North to South

If you want to drive all the way from Northern Italy to the Southern point of Sicily (still in Italy), it can take you less than 24 hours. So, that brings up the possibility of an unforgettable two weeks road trip, in the land of beauty, that is this country. Here are a few of the stops you will have to make, starting at the beautiful lakes in the Lombardy region, and ending on the marvelous beaches of Sicily.

Rent a Motorhome

If you plan to do such long hours in the car, make the motorhome the center of your holidays, at it will serve you as transportation, as well as a replacement to restaurants and hotels. Therefore, you will greatly reduce all costs, enabling you to do many more visits and tours that you would have, if your budget had to add these two elements, on a two-weeks trip. Wherever you are located in Europe, take a look at Goboony, a site that helps motorhome owners, rent their vehicle to those that wish to travel with them.

The Great Lakes of Lombardy

Everybody has heard about Lake Como. It is certainly a sight to see. But if you miss out on Lago Maggiore, you will have skipped an important piece of what makes Italy so incredibly beautiful. While you are there, take the time to visit the three islands on it. The Borromean Islands are Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola del Pescatori. You will get to witness some of the purest water in the world, with a magnificent décor around you, filled with 5-star hotels and houses simply out of this world.

The Lazio Region and Roma

It is impossible not to visit Rome, when touring Italy. If you skip it, thinking it is just the capital city, you have no idea of your loss. The whole Lazio region is filled with small cities that take you back in time, when Rome was the center of the world. The only other city that has a similar amount of history around it, is Istanbul. Visit one church, after another. You never know what you will find next. The chains that held St. Peter or part of the crib from Baby Jesus.

The Amalfi Coast

If beauty is what you are looking for, then head straight down to the Amalfi Coast, and stay there for a while. Between Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano (to name a few of the towns you will find there), you won’t have enough of two eyes, to look around you and admire nature. It is quite simply an exception, in the whole world. From there, you can also visit the island of Capri and the remains of the city that suffered a terrible fate, at the feet of the Vesuvius, as if you stood there on the very last day of its existence (Pompeii).

The Island of Sicily

Sicily is considered one of the three most beautiful islands in the world, today. To those that live there, it is, from afar, number one. End your trip on its magnificent beaches, by heading to Sampieri (Ragusa) or Marinella di Selinunte (Trapani).