A Holiday in Russia

If you are thinking of a fantastic getaway destination during your next vacation, look no further than Russia. A visit to this majestic country will leave you spellbound and enchanted with the stunning natural beauty of this vast country. Russia is a transcontinental state located in Central Europe and northern Asia. It covers from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean on the west, from the Soviet Union to the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea on the east. It is also surrounded by lots of countries which have become integral parts of its cultural and economical life like Central Asia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iran, Turkey, USA and many more.

When it comes to a holiday in Russia you will be astonished by the diversity of scenery and climate experienced by you. The winter is the coldest in Russia, which makes a trip to the ski resorts in central russia all the more memorable. During summers the weather is warm but not too hot. Travel to Russia can be an exhilarating journey as it offers so much to see and do. You can start off your tour with visiting the famous Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavia, Rostov-on-don and other major cities in Russia.

Russia is famous for its winter vacations with skiing holidays the most popular. People take to this sport to get away from the hectic life of city life and face the challenges of the various climatic conditions. There are three great places to ski where you can spend your vacations in Russia. They are Grozny, Krasnaya, and Irkutsk. All these cities are famous for their winter holidays.

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Russia is Irkutsk. It is located on the northern shores of the Caspian Sea. The city has a very unique character, being completely surrounded by water on all sides. A visit to Irkutsk during january will give you an unforgettable experience, especially for those who have a green thumb and like to explore nature closely. Tourists also flock to Irkutsk during its summer because of its cool climate, which is very refreshing for those who have acquired a thick skin.

Other popular Russia holidays include celebrations of national holidays which are marked by lavish and grand festivals. One of the most well-liked holidays during this time is the so-called “ilet parade”, which is organized to celebrate the fact that toilets are not allowed in churches. Thousands of people converge on the church and participate in parading through the streets with beautiful banners and bonfires. Besides, there is also the so-called “rush festival” when large numbers of people, both residents and tourists, gather in one place for shopping and other activities, which includes a marathon drive.

There are also some less-popular Russian holidays such as the Nights celebration, which is characterized by masked dancers and musicians, a bonfire and an ice dance. The most important characteristic of all russian holidays, however, is the country’s greatest national festival: the “Komsomranianka” or “Day of the Folk”. It’s celebrated with great pomp and glory and includes huge parades, traditional dancing and processions, and an abundance of food and drink. Thousands of people attend this extravagant gathering, which is also celebrated with the same charm by visitors from all over the world.

Another important holiday in Russia is ” Victory day”. It is usually commemorated with an enormous fireworks display. The Red Army, which was the main ally of the Russian people during World War Two, has also gathered around the center of Moscow to celebrate this victory day with their fellow countrymen. All of Russia presents a gift to its neighbors on this victory day, the amount depends on financial status of the country. “Vladivost” is another more light-hearted celebration that is celebrated at the beginning of September. It is characterized by street celebrations and the throwing of colorful eggs to all the neighbors.

One of the biggest traditional holidays in Russia is the “Motherland Day”. Unlike the United States, in which this holiday is not officially recognized, all the citizens in Russia observe this day as a national unity day. This is also one of the most popular Russian traditions, along with the “Day of the Father”. It includes a massive celebration of the success of the country’s military campaign as well as family celebrations.