3 Tips For Stretching Your Money On a Long Trip

When you decide to go on a trip for an extended amount of time in a location, not everyone has the luxury of being able to have an unlimited budget to live as lavishly as they would like the entire time.  Many people only have a certain amount of money that they must make last for the duration of their trip so it is important to know how to maximize their funds.

If you are someone who is looking into to a trip for a few months or even closer to a year on a restricted budget, here are some of the best tips for making sure that you have enough money to last you for the entire time of your trip without worrying that your money is going to run out.

Limit Drinking And Eating Out

One of the fastest ways to drain your funds is to eat and drink out regularly.  Something that would cost you a certain amount in a grocery store will cost up to ten times the amount in a restaurant or bar.  While treating yourself on occasion is always something nice, it is important to remember that when you take a long trip as opposed to a short vacation, you should apply the same rules as you do living back at home in your regular life.  This means not going out to eat and drink every night.

Not only does drinking and eating out regularly drain your bank account, but it can also be something that leads to bigger issues, like developing a drinking problem.

Stay in a Long-term Rental

Instead of looking into hotel options, you will want to stay somewhere that offers a lower rate since you are committing to a longer period of time.  You can usually find things like this on forums or on websites dedicated to renting out homes for vacations such as Airbnb.

By reserving ahead of time you can ensure that you get the best rate possible. You may also want to strategically choose a period of time to go when you know that rates will be lower due to it being low tourist season.

Learn The Public Transportation System

Instead of relying on cabs to get you everywhere or renting a car which can quickly add up, try to familiarize yourself with how the locals get around.

You can get a bus schedule or subway map and start getting around like a local in no time.  Public transportation is something that depending on the city you are in, can be even more convenient than driving.  You don’t have to deal with parking, repair costs, or costly cab tourist prices.